Press Kit


Micro (16 words): Summer Fletcher (they/them) writes fantasy and is the assistant editor at PodCastle. More at

Short (60 words): Summer Fletcher is a short story author, audio narrator, and games writer. Their work has appeared in a number of fantasy magazines and anthologies. They are the current host and assistant editor at PodCastle, as well as a member of Codex and SFWA. Their impractical education includes linguistics, comparative religion, and random martial disciplines like horseback archery. More at

Long (109 words): Summer Fletcher’s original work and tie-in fiction has appeared in a number of fantasy magazines and anthologies. They were a spotlight interviewer for Nightmare and Lightspeed Magazine, and currently serve as the assistant editor and host of PodCastle, a BFA-winning and Hugo-nominated short fiction podcast exploring the range of the fantasy genre. Summer has absorbed and forgotten four languages, studied Daoism and swordwork at a monastery in rural China, ridden horseback over snow-covered lava fields, and will likely continue this kind of impractical behavior. They are a member of Codex and SFWA, and currently working on their first piece of interactive fiction through Choice of Games. More at


Summer can be reached through their first name at summerfletcher dot-the-comms, or via the contact form below.